Coronavirus now known as SARS

Coronavirus now known as SARS-CoV-2 or Novel Coronavirus or more by the disease it causes in humans “COVID-19” emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. While rapid onset and spread of the virus caught most of the world offguard the scale of spread can be largely attributed to a deeper flaw in societies cognitive dissonance toward “threats” that affect “other people”.

Many mainstream reports including that of the World Health Organisation recognise that there is no present pharmaceutical or immunization solution for COVID-19 and that “lock down” self-quarantine, restricted human to human contact, elevated hygiene including the avoidance of contact with your eyes, mouth, and nose is the best courses of action to curb the rapid spread of the viruses.

According to many reports, with a virus infection of this rate and magnitude there is a good chance anyway that at some point you are going to contract the Corona Virus within this year as it ascends through all strata of our society.

The vast majority of the people catching COVID-19 fully recover, without needing medical attention and have “mild flu-like” symptoms unfortunately perpetuates the spread. Suspected cases are urged NOT to seek medical treatment, go into “lockdown” or “self-isolation” and follow rigorous decontamination protocols.

Flattening The Curve

While there are many new reports of new findings of COVID-19 the universal intent these communications to date is about managing the impact that the virus will have on global healthcare systems for the +-10% of COVID-19 patients that do require medical attention. “Flattening the curve” is about limiting the contention for bed space in hospitals where the demand for respiratory equipment and medical resources will exceed the supply.

What is largely missing from the media’s attention is the pivotal role that your immune system plays in protecting you from all viral outbreaks.

By ensuring your immune system functions optimally you are able to naturally fit into the vast majority of cases +80% of people who only experience mild symptoms without needing any hospitalisation or direct medical intervention.

Contracting COVID-19 is not the plague, it is much like the flu, stay home in self-isolation and ensure that you are not contributing to the rest of societies infection curve is the bottom line. The contagious nature of this particular virus is that people are spreading it without having symptoms or knowing that they even have it and that is what caught the world offguard.

The human immune system over the milenia has learned to deal with many “novel” viruses of this nature, that is what the immune system essentially does. When a new or “novel” virus comes along the immune system kicks in and learns how to deal with the intruder with it’s own antibodies.

Learning about how your immune system functions not only for COVID-19 recovery, but also for your greater experience as a healthy human being could never go amiss.

This post is thus dedicated to ensuring you can prepare your immune system for operating optimally.

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