1.        Becoming a Brand Affiliate

1.         The only requirement to becoming a Brand Affiliate is to sign up and complete the online Brand Affiliate agreement.

2.         You are not required to purchase any products or materials in order to become a Brand Affiliate.

3.         You must be at least 18 years old and possess the legal capacity to become a Brand Affiliate. 

2.        Retailing of products

1.         You may not, for any reason, directly or indirectly, purchase products from Health & Wellness Online for the purpose of resale.

2.         The purchase of Lamicare Health products through Health & Wellness Online is solely for personal use only.

3.        Refund Policy

1.         Please refer to our Refund Policy for more information about returning products (and related refunds, replacements or repairs).

4.        Brand Affiliate Sales Performance Plan

1.         The Brand Affiliate will be given Marketing Material upon registration through Health & Wellness Online for all brands.  The Brand Affiliate can select which brands they would like to sell.  There is no pre-requisite to sell all brands.

2.         Level 1 – 10% commission will be granted to each Brand Affiliate on every sale they make through the Health & Wellness Online Store.

3.         Level 2 – 12% commission will be granted to each Brand Affiliate on the completion of R5,000 in sales over a period of any 3 months.

4.         Level 3 – 15% commission will be granted to each Brand Affiliate on the completion of R10,000 in sales over a period of any 3 months.

5.         The Brand Affiliate has the benefit of purchasing products through Health & Wellness Online at Wholesale Price for their personal consumption. Please notify Health & Wellness online in order to receive a discount coupon:  info@healthandwellnessonline.co.za.

6.         Commissions will be paid out on the 3rd of every month for the previous months commission.

5.        Consumer Sales Performance Plan

1.         Each customer will receive free shipping for sales of R500 and above in major cities and for sales of R1000 and above in outlying areas.

2.         Customers who go through a Brand Affiliate will receive a discount of 10% off every purchase.

3.         Customers are required to purchase directly through the Health & Wellness Online Store in order to receive their discount.

6.        Referral System

1.         Upon registration, each Brand Affiliate will be given their own unique Brand Affiliate link.

2.         Any sale you make will be made strictly through the Health & Wellness Online Store using your unique Brand Affiliate link.

7.        Advertising

1.         You may only use the marketing material that has been produced and distributed by Lamicare Health for the promotion of the brands, and you may not prepare or use your own marketing material.

2.         The company’s trademarks are valuable assets of Lamicare Health and the company strictly regulates the use of trademarks to ensure that they do not lose their value to the company or its Brand Affiliates.

3.         You may only make the specific product related claims and representations published in the Company’s Marketing Material, and company literature, and that have been approved by the company for the use in the authorized market where you are making the claims.

4.         Only those before and after pictures and videos that have been approved by the company may be used to demonstrate the product benefits.

5.         You may not modify any packaging, labels, literature, or instructions for the use of any product.

6.         You may not give instructions to use a product in any way not described by the in the company’s current approved literature. Any such modifications or instructions by you may result in your personal liability.

8.        Termination of your account

1.         You may terminate your Brand Affiliate account at any time, and without incurring any costs or penalty due to such termination, by providing the company with a signed written notice or termination.

2.         The company may terminate your Brand Affiliate Account without notice if you have not engaged in any business activity on your account for a period of two consecutive months.

3.         Termination of your Brand Affiliate account results in a loss of all rights and benefits to you as a Brand Affiliate, after your account has been removed. 



This Brand Affiliate Sponsor Agreement is between Lamicare Health and me.

A. Right to Market Products and Sponsor in my Resident Country

Subject to the terms and conditions of the Brand Affiliate Agreement, Lamicare Health hereby appoints me as Brand Affiliate. As Brand Affiliate, I have the right to promote the products in my resident country, primarily online.

B. Independent Contractor

I acknowledge and agree that as a Brand Affiliate, I am an independent contractor and not an employee of Lamicare Health. As an independent contractor, I will:

·  be self-employed, and determine in my sole discretion, when I work and the number of hours I work;

·  be paid bonuses based on purchases and sales and not the number of hours that I work;

·  be subject to entrepreneurial risk and responsible for all losses that I incur as a Brand Affiliate;

·  be responsible for all costs of my business

·  not be treated as an employee for tax purposes; and

I am not an employee, commercial agent, business finder or legal representative of Lamicare, and accept as permitted by the Contract, I am not authorized to act on behalf of Lamicare Health. Nothing in the Contract is intended or will be deemed to constitute a partnership, agency, employer-employee, or a joint venture relationship between Lamicare Health and me.

C. Commission

(a) I will be paid a commission based on the sales of products as stated in the policies and procedures.

D. Representations and Warranties

I represent and warrant that I am authorized to enter into this Brand Affiliate Agreement and, that I have met all legal requirements to enter a valid contract.

I also represent and warrant that the information that I provided in the Brand Affiliate Agreement is accurate and have not provided any false or misleading information.

E. Acceptance of Contract

The effective date of the Brand Affiliate Agreement will be the date it is accepted by Lamicare Health, which will be the date that I execute the Brand Affiliate Agreement electronically via the company’s Internet sign-up procedure and it is received and accepted by Lamicare Health.

F. Indemnity and Limitation of Liability

(a) Indemnity

I will indemnify and hold Lamicare Health, and each of their shareholders, officers, directors and employees harmless from and against any claim, demand, liability, loss, action, causes of action, costs, or expenses, including, attorney’s fees, resulting or arising from, directly or indirectly, any acts or omissions by me in conducting my independent Brand Affiliate business, including without limitation, breach of representations and warranties, material breach of the Brand Affiliate Agreement and other agreements between the parties, or any other claims or causes of action.

G. Services Provided in Resident Country

Under this contract, Lamicare Health will offer to me, as an independent contractor, products to offer for sale in my resident country. I agree that I may only sell these products in my resident country, subject to, and with the exceptions provided in the policies and procedures.

Additionally, Lamicare Health will provide me with the following services in my resident country: (i) accept orders for and distribute products to customers in the resident country, (ii) handle all returns of products purchased in the resident country and make appropriate refunds, (iii) provide support services to Brand Affiliates, and take any necessary actions pursuant to the policies of Health & Wellness Online.

H. Marketing of Products; Pricing

I agree that: (a) there are no minimum purchases or inventory requirements; (b) I will promote the sale of products in my resident country in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract; and (c) I will not make any claims about the products and the Affiliate Program unless they are contained in official company literature or on company labels of products in my resident country.